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Readers should be aware that professionals in the field may have different opinions. Because of this fact and also because of regular advances in medical research, we strongly recommend that readers independently verify facts. Ultimately it is the readers’ responsibility to make their own professional judgements. Description or reference to a product or publication does not imply endorsement of that product or publication and in which case is subject to the relevant disclaimers the RCPCH does on occasion monitor and review content posted by third parties on their sites through forum discussions and the like, we assume no responsibility or liability arising from the content of any such locations nor for any error, omission, infringement, defamation, obscenity, or inaccuracy contained in any information within such locations.
The programme is provided as an integral component of training. The RCPCH and any supporting bodies shall bear no liability for any reliance on the information contained in the programme if such reliance is made in isolation or without reference to inter-related training, nor shall it bear liability as a result of reliance on any information contained in the programme by any person who does not lawfully acquire the programme direct from the RCPCH or any supporting bodies



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