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Dear Spotting the Sick Child user

We are delighted to inform you that as of the 13th January the third edition of Spotting the Sick Child (SSC3) is now available.

SSC3 includes a completely redesigned interface, high quality videos and learning notes to accompany many of the videos. The resource is also now accessible on all mobile devices.

SSC3 can be accessed by clicking here. If you are new to Spotting the Sick Child we recommend that you go straight to SSC3 and register a new account. Existing users of Spotting the Sick Child will also need to register a new account with SSC3. Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer your existing account. Existing users of Spotting the Sick Child who are currently working towards a certificate on SSC2 will have until the 13th April 2016 to complete this, after which SSC2 will no longer be available.

May we take this opportunity to welcome you SSC3 and we hope that you enjoy the new edition.

The Spotting the Sick Child Team